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Episode #321 1/7/23



Wolfgang Dauner - Mudations 

Don Cherry - Elixir 

Jone Takamaki Trio - Kuu

Charlie Munro Quartet - Islamic Suite

George Gruntz - Maghreb Cantata

Infinite Sound - Spanish Tale

Noah Howard - Mount Fuji

Cheikh Tidianne Fall / Bobby Few / Jo Maka - Black Snow


Byard Lancaster - John’s Children 

Joseph Jarman  - SBN-A-1 66k

Albert Ayler - Masonic Inborn Pt. 1

Marion Brown - Sweet Earth Flying Part 3 

Binker & Moses - Because Because 

Ronnie Boykins - The Will Come, Is Now

Human Arts Ensemble - Concrete Natashiah 

Dave Burell - Echo

Creative Construction Company - No More White Gloves Part 2 

Sonny Sharrock - Many Mansions 

Roscoe Mitchell - Sound



Episode #322 1/14/23



Fat Jon - Raindance (remix instrumental)

Dj Cam - Bronx Scene 

Controller 7 - Show & Prove

Baths - You're My Excuse To Travel

Ultramagnetic MC’s - New York What Is Funky 

Makaya McCraven - The Encore

Juju - (Struggle) HOME

Michael Jackson - I Can’t Help It

Ramona Brooks - I Don’t Want You Back 

Kano - Can’t Hold Back (Your Loving)

Ely Camargo - Taieiras 

Kondi Band - Don Don Di Money 

Henry Wu - Croydon Depot

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Masenqo

Erykah Badu - Strawberry Incense (feat. Kirsten Agnesta)

Surprise Chef - College Welcomes Carl 

McCoy Tyner - Message From The Nile



Iggy & The Stooges - Search & Destroy

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Watch Yourself

Robert Wyatt - Solar Flares

The Dragons - Power Jam One & Two

The Greg Foat Group - Girl And Robot With Flowers Part II

Alan Bellaiche - Sea Fluorescent

Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek - Haydar Haydar EDIT OUT SECOND SONG

Mkwaju Ensemble - Mkwaju

The Coup - Me And Jesus The Pimp In A ‘79 Granada Last Night

Goodie Mob - Thought Process

UNKLE - Celestial Annihilation

Bebo Balden feat. Steve James - Venti

Jon Hassell - Gift of Fire

Mara - Credo


Episode #323 1/21/23


Jon Hassell - G Spot (Organized Konfusion Deep Mix)

Sensations Fix - The Left Side of The Green

Cluster - Umleitung

Steve Hiett - Blue Beach - Welcome To Your Beach

Masaru Imada Quartet - Little Step

Teruo Nakamura - New Moon

Billy Harper - Destiny is Yours

Hannibal & The Sunrise Orchestra - To Search The Inner World

Orchestre Tout Puissant – Be Patient

Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek - Hastane Önü



Ely Camargo - Taieiras

Krewcial - Yes I Do

James Mason - Nightgruv (Unreleased Longer Edit)

Isis - Rebel Soul

The Wascals - Hard Rhymes 

Illogic - Time Capsule Feat. Aesop Rock & Vast Aire

Boards Of Canada - Left Side Drive

Latimore - Let Straighten It Out

Leon Thomas - China Doll

Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls - Revenge of The Filet o’Fish

Nico Gomez - Samba De Una Nota

Sun Ra - Space Is The Place

Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (Prince Paul’s So Beautiful Mix)

Cypress Hill - Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk 

Latee - Wake Up

Tyrone Washington - Song of Peace

Gary Bartz - Dark Nebula



Episode #324 1/28/23



Lonnie Love - Young Ladies

The Bar-Kays - Monster (Disco Mix)

Roger Glenn - Don’t Leave

Motohiko Hamase - Invisible City

Boards Of Canada - Reach For The Dead

Leclair - Uscita

The Wretched - What Is History

Rich Halley- Rattlesnake’s Song

Sonny Fortune - Sounds of Silents

Man - Alchemist



The Roots - The Day (Feat. Blue, Phonte & Patty Crash)

Kashmere Stage Band - Ain’t No Sunshine (J.Rocc Remix)

Mo Kolours - Temi

Ras _G and the Afrikan Space Program - 1derful Things

Marcello Melis - Before The Lights Go On

Stimulator Jones - Keep On Mashing 

Brothers Of The Mind - Stop Skeemin’ 

Edan - Torture Chamber feat. Percee P (Cut Chemist Mix)

Trees Speak - Shadow Circuit, Pt. II

Badfoot Brown and the Bunions Bradford Funeral and Marching Band - Martin’s Funeral

Noah Howard - Queen Anne

The Misled Children Meet Odean Pope - Ruff Seven

Nas - Life’s A Bitch (Arsenal Mix)

Roy Ayers - Brawling Broads

Grassela Oliphant - Get Out Of My Life Woman

Roc Marciano - Don Shit 

Tangerine Zoo - You I Love

Little Ben & The Cheers - (I’m Not Ready To) Settle Down 

The New Birth - I Can Understand It

Aziyan - Pwoblem 

Jorge Ben - Mues Filhos, Meu Tesouro 

Fabulous 3 MC’s - Rub A Dub Dub

Ganjah KMC - Scud Missile 

Archie Shepp - A Portrait of Robert Thompson (as a young man)




Ph. Chill B, We Ain't That Tight

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